Captive Embers

The Broken Singularity Book 1
By Brian Mansur

from 16.99 print | 4.99 eBook
Release Date: TBD, 2019

A reluctant spy, a hardened soldier, and a combat nurse battle a deranged cartel boss bent on conquering the last of humanity’s free colonies in this debut Military Sci-Fi novel from Brian Mansur.

In the year 4380, robotic Wardens force humanity’s remnants to live in cylindrical space habitats far from Earth, where war is all they know. Mykonian fleet operative, Rafe Hastings, has spent several frustrating tours around Belia trying to keep weapons traffickers from tearing the local colonies apart. He’s eager to return to his family when an informant passes him improbable news: Lilith, Lakshmi Colony’s infamous cartel boss, has acquired station-busting nuclear weapons. 

The battleship Tsunami is dispatched to investigate Rafe’s discovery and operations officer, Sean Merrick, finds himself caught in a conspiracy larger than he could have possibly imagined. His only hope of making it out alive is a young, new Combat Nurse named Sarah Riley who is way out of her depths.

As Rafe, Sean and Sarah uncover the true depth of the threat facing humanity, they'll be forced to rely on the unexpected to save their people. But With mankind’s robotic overlords constantly changing the rules of their habitats, could it be that no matter who wins, everyone loses?



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