D o Thomas is from the uk, born and raised in west London. As a child he struggled in school due to Dyspraxia, a learning difficulty that effects hand/eye coordination. He learned to read before he could pick up a pen and soon fell in love with the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett.

Fantasy played a major role in his life as he struggled to do the things his friends could do with ease. Instead of playing football, he journeyed through the streets of Ankh-Morpork. Instead of riding a bike, he imagined being a great and powerful wizard and soon, his dreams came true when he received his first Japanese role-playing game on the PlayStation. The computer games that came next had deep and dark stories which fascinated him and lead him to imagine his own stories.

Years flew by, school felt impossible as he still hadn’t learned to put pen to paper, he stopped reading, gave up on learning, and even his teachers allowed him to ignore the work they put in front of him. Instead, he jotted down poems in handwriting only he could read. Naturally D o Thomas received terrible grades for his GCSE’s; he didn’t even sit his literature exam however he never lost that need for a good story.

Fast forward into early adult life, after the failed attempt to be a UK rapper and after meeting the meeting the love of his life, he made the discovery of Audible. Books were back and they were easy again. He fell in love with so many new stories and started writing his own. It took him five years of tweaking his writing style, analysing his shortcomings and obsessing over the world he wanted to create but he did it.

Drawing his inspiration from the likes of Terry Pratchett, George RR Martin, RR Haywood, Devon C Ford, and the stupendous number of authors this bio hasn’t the room to mention, D o Thomas taught himself how to be an author and now brings you the Viventuim series.

Every book, every sentence, every word a piece of his soul.