JOSHUA SMITH fell in love with fantasy and science fiction early in life, but attempted a normal career first. He is a former Language Arts educator, lawyer’s assistant, college ministry interim director, and most recently volunteer in the political arena. He has a background in communications, journalism, and academic forensics (which sounds more sophisticated on résumés than speech and debate). He loves running, dancing, hiking, camping, medieval martial arts, gaming, anything geek, and long walks on the beach.

After six years of battling Parkinson’s Syndrome and a form of epilepsy caused by two Machiavellian super-villains (a.k.a. viruses), it was clear Joshua needed a quest beyond the ongoing war with his viral opponents. What better way to capture the magic of life than write? Now seizure free, he can be found coffee shop-hopping in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, where he lives with his family and their collective imaginations.