AETHON BOOKS is publishing the next generation of Science Fiction & Fantasy. Our mission is to build a bridge between authors and their potential readers. In Ancient greek, the word Aethon meant 'burning' or 'blazing,' and we hope to blaze a new road for publishing.

We exist for the readers, because we are readers too. We are passionate about genre fiction and are fans of it in all mediums. Movies, TV, Books—it's all storytelling, and there is nothing we feel more strongly about. Whether it's helping produce the next great Space Opera or Game of Thrones, or taking books from stagnant genres and breathing new life into them, we vow to only give you exciting, toe-the-line books from both established authors and up-and-comers.

For the authors we work with, we want world-changers. Having a completely original book these days is nearly impossible, but we believe there is a fresh way to tell every tale. Give us your best shot. If we are rocked by it, we know our readers will be too. So all you authors who are ready to traverse the galaxies and explore the depths of unknown worlds at our side, we're here for you.

Thanks so much for perusing our little corner of the internet. Keep checking back, there's always something new in store at Aethon Books!