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Buried Goddess Saga Omnibus Volume One

The Buried Goddess Saga Books 1-3
By Rhett C. Bruno & Jaime Castle

Release Date: June 4, 2019

Experience the first trilogy of the Buried Goddess Saga. 1,500 pages of adventure, war, magic and twists you won't believe. 

The Warlock Redstar has waited for decades until the time was right to resurrect his Goddess. Now, they have a chance to gain vengeance upon a world which cast her underground for eternity.

As the shadows of evil spread across Pantego, unlikely heroes rise from unexpected places. A master thief from a village in the middle of nowhere, going nowhere. An orphaned mystic barely able to control the magic coursing through her veins. A disgraced knight, dispatched on a suicide quest by his mad queen.

They're not what the Glass Kingdom asked for, but they're the only ones who can stop Redstar before it's too late. If the Buried Goddess returns to exact her vengeance, not a soul will survive.

Download this Special Edition Box Set to experience a fast-paced epic fantasy series, perfect for fans of Michael J. Sullivan, David Estes and Jeff Wheeler.  

Included in the Redstar Rising Trilogy:
Web of Eyes (IPPY Award Winner)
Winds of War
Will of Fire

“Fantastic world building and masterful prose. Definitely a must read for Epic Fantasy fans.” — Brian D. Anderson, best-selling author of The Godling Chronicles

”An interesting and exciting start to a series. I’m looking forward to reading what the authors come up with next!” — Dakota Krout, author of the Divine Dungeon Series and winner of Audible Top 5 Fantasy of 2017

”Bruno and Castle built an epic fantasy world that captivates the imagination and brings the reader on a thrilling adventure that will leave the devotees of fantasy eager for the next tale.” — Jason Anspach, best-selling author of the Galaxy’s Edge series