Rhett Bruno
Commissioning Editor / Marketing Director
Rhett is a USA Today bestselling and Nebula nominated hybrid author who has been writing Sci-Fi & Fantasy since before he can remember. On the editing side, he has collected works for numerous anthologies through Sci-Fi & Fantasy Bridge, and served as the lead editor of the bestselling Bridge Across the Stars Anthology. He also served for a period as a consulting editor for ASIM magazine and as a freelance editor on Upwork, and has earned a Certificate in Screenwriting / Storytelling from the New School in NYC.

Rhett is passionate about science fiction and its role in our fast-moving society. He wants stories that focus on characters, but also present the kind of concepts that keep readers up at night, dreaming of potential futures.


Steve Beaulieu
Managing Editor / Creative Director
Steve is an IPPY award winning author (writing as Jaime Castle) and an editor on numerous anthologies (Superheroes and Vile Villains, and more) and published books. Before helping found Aethon Books, his business Beaulistic Book Services offered authors book covers, formatting, and freelance editing services. His work with numerous businesses and corporations serving as both a designer and creative director gives him an experienced eye at ensuring our covers and the books within are the best they can be.

Steve's love has always been Fantasy. There isn't an R.A. Salvatore book out there he hasn't read or listened to, and his obsession with audiobooks gives us a leg up at pairing our authors with the best narrators in the business.

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Steve Lockley
Consulting Editor
Steve is an award winning author and editor. He is most known for writing official novels set in the Doctor Who universe. He was nominated a record thirteen years in a row for the British Fantasy Award and has served as the editor on books by K.F. Breene, among other bestselling authors.